Cape Fair Missouri

Land Care Cape Fair Missouri

Your Premier Land Care and Relocation Service Provider in Cape Fair, Missouri

Located in the heart of Cape Fair, Missouri, DreyCare stands as the go-to destination for comprehensive land care and relocation services. With a commitment to excellence and an array of offerings, we take pride in transforming outdoor spaces and ensuring seamless transitions during relocation.

Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

Lawn Care:

DreyCare understands the importance of a well-maintained lawn. Our expert team employs cutting-edge techniques for mowing, weed control, fertilization, and irrigation. We tailor our services to suit the specific needs of your lawn in Cape Fair, ensuring lush greenery throughout the year.


We specialize in enhancing outdoor aesthetics. DreyCare’s landscaping services cover everything from design conceptualization to execution. Whether it’s designing a new landscape or revamping an existing one, we craft visually appealing and functional outdoor spaces to match your preferences.

Tree Removal and Dirt Road Maintenance

Tree Removal:

When it comes to tree services, DreyCare handles everything – from tree trimming to complete removal. Our certified arborists ensure safe and efficient tree removal, prioritizing safety while maintaining the beauty of your landscape.

Dirt Road Maintenance:

For those rugged paths and driveways, DreyCare offers expert dirt road maintenance services. We provide grading, gravel application, dust control, and pothole repairs to ensure smooth and durable roads for easy access.

Handyman Services and Relocation Services

Handyman Services:

Beyond land care, DreyCare extends its expertise to handyman services. From minor repairs to complete home renovations, our skilled handymen cater to your residential or commercial needs with precision and reliability.

Relocation Services:

As specialists in relocation services, DreyCare simplifies your moving process. We handle every detail, offering packing, loading, transportation, and unpacking services. Our goal is to make your relocation to or from Cape Fair a stress-free experience.