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Are you looking for a reliable, fantastic lawn care service provider in Galena, Missouri and surrounding areas? You are in the right place. The way we do things here at DreyCare is very different. Our crew employs a high-tech approach to a sector that is traditionally low tech. We are the company that is revolutionizing the lawn care industry in the entire State of Missouri. Our independent, skilled lawn professionals provide perfect solutions that are tailored to the needs of your lawn. It does not matter if you want one-time mowing or ongoing maintenance of your lawn the cleanup of your yard. We are here to make sure that you are getting nothing but the best. By the way, lawn care is a science and DreyCare prides itself in staying on the industry’s cutting edge. For us, one size does not fit all because each lawn is unique and has its own challenges relating to soil varieties, growing seasons, grasses, and climate. Our management will match you with an experienced, skilled lawn care expert who will work wonders on your yard.

We save your time from the onset by providing an instant and personalized quote. Once we do a walkthrough, we will provide a competitive quote right away. Don’t waste your time calling around because we have no hidden charges or surprises.

From here, our crew will undertake all the matchmaking on your behalf. We match clients with close by lawn care pros and waiting to handle the task. Our management will find a perfect lawn care pro depending on your service plan and type. DreyCare has qualified lawn care experts which guarantees you quality.

Our service plans take lawn care in Missouri to the next level. You are free to customize your preferred lawn services frequency so that we will notify you when it is time to mow your yard. However, unlike what the other subscription models do, you will only pay once we complete the job. You can schedule a one-time service or skip depending on the condition of your lawn and schedule.

Our crew will figure out everything from routing, scheduling, and processing of payments. Thus, when looking for someone to help with lawn case, sit back, relax and be ready to enjoy your gorgeous lawn. You can be sure that DreyCare has you covered.

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